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Our History

While our history is short, our experience is extensive.  New Era Wealth Management was founded on the principle belief that clients deserve more!

The two founding partners, John and Reed, have experienced many market moving events over the last 20 years including, the Gulf War, the Tech Boom, 911 and most recently the credit crisis. 

In those 20 years, the partners have witnessed many trends and fads in the marketplace. In the end, many clients under perform the basic of market indices through inadequate industry expertise coupled by product driven solutions from one source. Unfortunately, many have missed the true growth in our markets by failing to work with a diverse and wholesome team of experts that can work collaboratively to build a robust financial plan for the client.

New Era Wealth Management removes the need of having to manage and integrate various professional relationships (ie. CPA's, attorneys and bankers) while not sacrificing the expert guidance. We've not only built a business model that includes all the experts at the table, but our process pulls that guidance into one plan geared toward maximizing the overall financial benefit of our clients.