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Our Process

A More Efficient, More Effective Approach.

Through our private wealth management services and solutions, we build written comprehensive financial plans which is the basis of all our recommendations. Our portfolio solutions are aimed at preserving wealth, Many of our clients have already accumulated their wealth and we believe it’s more critical for them to protect from the downside risk in a volatile marketplace, as opposed to taking more risk in generic industry models in the hopes of higher returns. You worked hard for your money and we’ll work hard to protect it. Our diverse team of professionals work together to provide a comprehensive and effective asset management solution.

Today's industry model "Jack of all trades, master of none"

New Era's approach "Work with respected experts within their industry, create a round table model of local 3rd party experts, CPA's, Estate Planning Attorneys, Personal Bankers and Insurance experts who objectively discuss your needs while creating a holistic plan"